It is simply this, the will to act that makes the difference: taking the first step and setting off in the direction we want to go, then planning very carefully the route that will lead us towards a more successful, more fulfilled life.
•    Do you occasionally wonder if you have chosen the right approach for a specific client?
•   Do you sometimes sense hesitation in clients that broach a theme?
•    Are you sometimes at your wit’s end with a client?
•    Are you eager to share your successes?
•    Would you like to grow in your field and become a better coach/healthcare professional?

Supervision is a safe space within which you can reflect on your practice – be it as a coach, HR manager or healthcare professional, in the realms of individual supervision as well as group supervision.
For those who have become conscious there is only one single obligation, no other besides: finding oneself, finding inner strength, feeling one's own way forward, regardless of where it leads.
Supervision works on two levels: the content level and the relational level. The content level revolves around themes suggested by the client, e.g. a situation whereby the coach suggests various angles of approach yet the coaching process stalls nonetheless. The relational level entails pausing to reflect on what happens within the supervisor/client relationship. To what extent does this mirror what happens inside other relationships? Supervision offers a safe framework for experimentation within which to phrase/do things differently with a view to a specific goal.